Adding Sniffies App to Your Home Screen

Adding Sniffies App to Your Home Screen – iPhone and Android

Sniffies is a great app which helps in discovering new places and connecting like-minded people, whether you’re on an iPhone or any other Smartphone. But how does this work? Once it is added to your home screen, all the features will be at your fingertips hence making it even easier for you.

Why Add Sniffies to Your Home Screen?

Add Sniffies to Your Home Screen

Before we begin with the instructions, let’s quickly discuss why adding Sniffies to your home screen is beneficial. By having the app readily accessible on your home screen, you can:

  • Save time: No more searching through your app drawer or home screen pages to find Sniffies.
  • Stay connected: Instantly access Sniffies to check out new places and connect with others in your area.
  • Enhance convenience: Enjoy the convenience of one-tap access to your favorite app.

Now, let’s get started with the instructions:

Instructions for iPhone

Step 1: Open Safari and Navigate to Sniffies Website

• Start off by going into Safari on an iPhone and visiting the site

Step 2: Access the Share Menu

•  Once loaded, click on the share icon at the bottom center of the web page which appears as a square containing an arrow pointing up.

Step 3: Select “Add to Home Screen”

• In case you want this option ticked from menu that appears when you click share button scroll slowly until “Add to Home screen” pops up then press it.

Step 4: Customize the Name (Optional)

• A new window will appear where you can change how it looks like on phone; just use default name or type yours if needed then select “Add” located top right corner afterwards

Step 5: Enjoy Quick Access

•  The application’s icon is now available on the screen where it has been added for faster access.

Instructions for Android

Step 1: Open Chrome and Visit Sniffies Website

• To achieve this, open google chrome browser in an android operating system device by locating its icon on the home screen and tap to launch it. Go to “

Step 2: Access the Chrome Menu

•  Tap on three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of your phone’s display after site loads thus opening up a Google chrome menu

Step 3: Choose “Add to Home Screen”

• Furthermore from that menu pick “Add to Home Screen”

Step 4: Confirm Addition

•  Click add if you agree with pop-up dialogue informing you that Sniffies is now included within your start up screen

Step 5: Access Sniffies Instantly

• Spot the icon representing Sniffies amongst other programs right on desktop, click it as many times as you feel like doing so especially when exploring new sites or making friends with someone new.


Congratulations! You’ve Successfully Added Sniffies App to Your iPhone and Android Home Screens. Now all features of sniffer are at your fingertips! The app In case you want this option ticked from menu that appears when you click share button scroll slowly until “Add To Home screen” pops up then press it itself can be accessed via one touch operation for quick use. So whether you’re looking for somewhere new or hoping to meet some minded individuals along the way, let sniffer cover all your bases…Enjoy!

Q: Can I Customize the Sniffies App Icon on my Home Screen?

Ans: Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t allow customization of app icons without third-party apps. However, you can still add Sniffies to your home screen for quick access.

Q: Can I change the icon?

Ans: Yes, Android allows customization of app icons. This is done by tapping and holding on the app’s icon for a few seconds then choosing “edit” from the dialog box that follows; you can select the different images in this window or even use your photo there.

Q: Will Adding Sniffies to my Home Screen Consume More Data?

Ans: No, adding Sniffies to your home screen does not consume additional data. It is just a quick access shortcut just like bookmarks on web browsers. The data usage of this application is only activated when you turn it on.

Q: Can I Receive Notifications Through the Home Screen Icon?

Ans: Unfortunately, both iOS and Android do not allow dynamic notifications through home screen icons. However, if you open the Sniffies app, you will get your regular notifications as before.

Q: Is Adding Sniffies to the Home Screen Secure?

Ans: Yes, it is secure to add Sniffies to your home screen; this only serves as a redirecting route to launch this app. Therefore, make sure you download Sniffies from authentic places like App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for android to enhance its security.

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