How to Cancel Sniffies Subscription?

To cancel a sniffies subscription, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Account login details: Access the Sniffies website and sign in to your account using your login information
  2. Access Account Settings: Once logged in, locate and select the “Account Settings and Subscription” option. This option can be found in the user profile or settings menu.
  3. Find Subscription Details: Locate your subscription information, where you may choose to either manage or cancel your subscription.
  4. Membership cancellation option: Adhere to the instructions to terminate your membership. It might assist you in making a final decision and explaining the rationale for cancelling the membership.
  5. Cancellation confirmation: Once you finish the entire cancellation procedure, you will receive an email or message confirming the effective termination of your subscription.
  6. Verify your confirmation: Ensure you have received confirmation of the cancellation to verify that you will not be charged for future subscriptions.

If you have any problems or are unsure about cancelling your subscription on the website, contact Sniffies customer service for help. Their support team is there to help you cancel your subscription or resolve any issue you may face.

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