7-Day Trial on Sniffies.com

How Do You Cancel the 7-Day Trial on Sniffies.com?

 Are you exploring Sniffies.com and signed up for their 7-day trial? It’s a great way to test out all the features of the site, but if you’ve decided it’s not for you, you might be wondering how to cancel the 7-day trial on Sniffies.

These are some of the reasons why you might want to cancel your 7-day trial period at Sniffies.com.

  • Not the Right Fit: Maybe the platform did not meet your expectations.
  • Privacy Concerns: You may be concerned about handling of your data by someone else.
  • Financial Reasons: Maybe you don’t want continue with a paid subscription.
  • Found an Alternative: There may be some other service which might fit better as per your needs.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Cancel Your Sniffies 7-Day Trial

  • Log into Your Sniffies Account

First things first, log into your account with sniiffies .Use the credentials that you generated when you registered for the test phase. If in case forgot your password don’t worry; reset option is available here;

  • Navigate to Your Account Settings

Once logged in proceed to account settings tab-. This can easily be accessed by clicking on either profile picture or username located at top right corner of home page mostly.

  • Find the Subscription Section

While in account settings look for a section labeled subscription or billing among others whereby all aspects touching on trials and subscriptions are managed from .

  • Select “Cancel Subscription”

From within subscription area, there should be an option to end a free version use of the software. This tab might be marked as “Cancel Subscription” or “End Trial.” Tapping on this will initiate the cancellation process

  • Follow the Prompts

It is possible that you will be required to complete a short series of prompts after selecting cancel. Sniffies uses your feedbacks to improve their services so be honest. Just follow through any other prompt until cancellation is successful.

  • Confirm the Cancellation

Then, lastly confirm the termination of your subscription. Check for a confirmation email or a notification in your account settings too so that you can make sure that your trial has been cancelled.

How do I know my sniffies trial is cancelled?

You should receive a confirmation email upon cancellation and if you go into the account settings, there should also not be an active subscription or trial showing.

Will I still have access after cancelling?

You will definitely still have access to Sniffies.com up until the end of your 7-day trial period. Later on, unless you decide to upgrade into one paid package, access shall become restricted.

Can I Resubscribe after cancelling?

Yes! If there’s change of mind you are always welcome to re-subscribe to Sniffies at any time. Go back to subscription section in account settings and pick up product/service pleasing you most.

Is There A Charge For Cancelling The Trial?

No, there’s no charge for canceling your Sniffies 7-day trial period. It is absolutely free to cancel it and as long as it happens prior the expiry of this term then no charges are billed on it.

Cancelling your 7-day Sniffies trial is quite easy and convenient. If you are quitting due to not being the right fit, privacy reasons, financial issues or other options found, the above steps are going to help you with that. It’s paramount to remember that if in future you change your mind, you can always come back to Sniffies.

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