how Sniffies works

How Does Sniffies Work?

Sniffies is basically a digital platform which offers the opportunity to individuals mostly gay, bisexual and bicurious men to hook up with each other by using the cruise offering services. At this platform, users have to register with the app. And browse through the profiles of other users who are looking for the same experience. It basically offers a location based service in which users are allowed to look for the users which are in nearby areas and most probably interested in meeting for different activities.

Unlike other dating apps in the market, sniffies aims for providing more immediate and real time experiences. Focusing on the needs of society rather than providing experiences of long-term relationships.

By using this platform users can add data according to their interests in their profile making it easier for other users to judge your needs easily. Platform has made it convenient for users to chat with other users to share their insights about their needs and desires.

As sniffies is a platform which offers casual interactions, users must portray honesty, caution and discretion. To ensure safe experience and it’s really important to approach interactions with pure cautions.

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