Delete Chats on Sniffies

How to Delete Chats on Sniffies?

While you are on any social media platform, your feeds, your chats are your personal property. Keeping them and deleting them is your personal option in order to maintain privacy and make your inbox clear by removing unwanted messages. At any platform whether it’s a social media platform, a messaging app or an email service platform, the methodology of deleting chats is generally the same across every platform.

In order to delete chat on you will have to access the messaging platform where chat is present and you want to delete it. To begin this process you first have to log in the platform. After logging in you have to navigate the conversation you want to delete. Next step is to locate the option which can enable you to clear the chat. This option is accessed by clicking on the message you want to delete and a trash icon or delete option appears which makes it easier for you to delete this chat.

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Once it’s confirmed that chat has been deleted, verify that chat has also been deleted from your account. For this, refresh your page and go back to your inbox to see changes.

Keep in mind that if you delete the chat it will also disappear from the inbox of other users with which you’re texting.

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