Adding a Cruising Place on Sniffies

How to Add a Cruising Place on

If you want to add a cruising place on sniffies then you must have to follow the rules and regulations generated by the administrators of this digital platform.

  • First you must have a valid id registration with this platform.
  • After having it you must have to be physically present at the location which you want to add as a “cruising place” on sniffies.
  • After being at the place physically you have to access the menu option of the app by clicking at the horizontally placed three dots. After following this procedure an option with wordings “Add a cruising place” will pop up.
  • You have to go with this option and fill in all the necessary information which app requires from you like name of place, address of place and a bit of description about the place to be added. You may also add photos of the locations if you want to add. It’s totally up to you.

Premium Services

But there is a twist waiting for you. In order to add cruising place on sniffies or at their app you must have to be the member of it and to become a member you have to avail their membership by purchasing their one of plan from existing plans.

Sniffies offers various plans according to the comforts and affordability of the users and their typo. To become member you have to sign up with their email id and choose plan simply. Though sniffies offers some of their services for free but they are not much enjoyable as services offered by premium membership.

Final Words

You must have to know that sniffies is a digital platform which offers entertainment services via providing opportunities to gay, bisexual, and bicurious men for hookup with each other.

It offers the option to add your approximate location to their platform so that people with similar interests are able to reach your destination and enjoy that hookup and this same process goes for the other people.

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